• Giugi Carminati

#Righteous Riots: Lawyers Call to Action!

The Righteous Riots spreading across our nation are a long time coming. I choose to call them riots, even though they are mostly protests, because media and apologists label them as such, when they don't agree with the messaging, yet were happy to call armed men storming the Michigan legislature a "protest." These Righteous Riots are the logical response to centuries of violence directed at black bodies by our healthcare system, our governments, by law enforcement, and by tacit as well as complicit bystanders. The people in the streets, kneeling, laying down on the floor and chanting, are unmasking a battlefield that has existed in the shadows of our privileged complacency for decades. They are not creating conflict; they are merely stripping an already existing war of its social niceties and superficial civility and laying it bare for the world to see. They are demanding change and they are entitled to it. To do that, we all have to demand justice from our governments. We will have to demand it loudly, unrelentingly, sometimes chaotically, and without niceties.

Peaceful protests are taking place in cities across our country. We already know that instigators and white supremacists are using them as platforms for their activities as agent provocateurs. But they will not derail the legitimate demands for cessation of routine violence against black bodies. Even when these protests involve some degree of destruction of property, we should all be more outraged by the systematic and systemic exploitation and destruction of Black America, as though it were a country within a country, there for the plucking, instead of a community of equal members of our civil society. Our fellow humans have spoken up about and demanded justice for centuries. Our country has simply not done enough.

This country is built on an act of treason, punishable by death, against God and Country. Every right won since then has been won from the Government, not merely conceded by that Government, through resistance, legal action, and sometimes violence. While violence is destructive, and painful, and better avoided, we are nonetheless being called to a different type of battle, wherever that may be. As lawyers, our battlefields are courtrooms. Are you willing to join that fight?

Lawyers: organize and unite. Civil rights attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, and legal monitors will be required throughout the nation. Solid referral networks that can deliver assistance will be critical to apply pressure immediately and enshrine the outcomes of that pressure into law and legislation. Surely efforts are already underway but let's interconnect with each other. Let's create a unified hub that can extend out to every other silo of resources and information. Some of us belong to organizations that already mobilized over the past few years in response to other atrocities perpetrated by our leaders. We can use those networks to raise our "army of lawyers".

I am reaching out to Lady Boss Lawyers, Lawyer Moms Action- State Captains, Lawyer Moms of America - Colorado, Lawyer Moms of America - New York, Texas Lawyers, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers, Lawyers for Good Government, Indivisible Colorado District 6, Disarm the Police in Colorado, L4GG - Colorado, L4GG - California, L4GG - Georgia to mobilize, if that has not been done before, and to reach out and interconnect if mobilization efforts are already underway.

If you want to join me in creating a distributed framework that leverages existing resources, while identifying new ones where they are lacking, please reach out to me. My email for these efforts is is GCarminati@arguelikeagirl.com.

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